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My influences are contemporary, impressionistic and abstract landscape. My paintings tend to be of a recognisable subject but in close up can show random mark marking, texture and abstract detail.

I like my painting to be joyful and fun. I like to play with texture, pattern, light and colour rather than be restricted by subject. My paintings often start off quite chaotic and I like to make use of happenchance as the paint interacts. I then try to bring a bit of order to that chaos! The results often take reveal a want to escape to a quiet life.

I use oil and cold wax on paper or board.

I undertook a diploma in oil painting in 2018/2019 at the Norfolk Painting School. Other than that I simply enjoy experimenting with oil paint and continue to learn new techniques to apply to my work which is constantly developing.

I am based in Norfolk

EXHIBITION NEWS: Norfolk Open Studios 2023 September 23, 24, 26, 30 October 1, 3